New Orleans Saints safety Marcus Williams, who famously missed a tackle, creating the "Minnesota Miracle" isn't letting it define him, according to a video posted to his Twitter account.

Notice his caption, "Turning my NIGHTMARE into my MOTIVATION!! !! !!"

The video opens with the now infamous play. It then cuts to Williams' alarm going off at 5:23am.

Al Pacino's speech from Any Given Sunday plays over the rest of the video as Williams drives himself to a center to do some rather impressive workouts, showing how he's going to improve into his second season.

Let's not forget, Williams is 21 years old, and was a key player in one of the most successful Saints rookie classes ever.  He recorded 73 tackles and four interceptions (including the interception that put the Saints back into that very playoff game). That's the most interceptions for a Saints safety since the Super Bowl winning team in 2009.

Williams looks GREAT in his workouts in this video. I'm looking forward to his progression on this Saints defense.

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