An important part of most NFL rookie's first season is endearing themselves to their home fans. Chris Olave took another big step in that process yesterday when asked who he's got in the upcoming LSU versus Florida State matchup.

That's a pretty powerful but simple sentiment from the young rook. "I'm from Louisiana now."

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LSU also "officially" appreciated the support.

Saints fans have always loved players hard, even when they are stripped away. And Olave is doing his part to make Who Dat Nation embrace him as they have so many others.

He even mentions the possibility of him going to the game, saying "it should be a fun one."

Maybe if he really enjoys it, he might even pull an OBJ and pay the "Neck" tax for the Tiger Band.

Olave is an Ohio State alum, so this decision probably wasn't a hard one. However, on the odd chance LSU makes a run and ends up competing against OSU in the College Football Playoffs, it's possible Olave won't make the same concession to hometown fans.

Olave also appeared in a Saints media package learning to peel and eat the most recognizable south Louisiana staple, crawfish. He picked up the technique quickly and seemed to enjoy it.

At this rate, Olave might make the 504 his permanent address, and that's something I'm sure Saints fans would love to see.

Alright, that one may be a bit of a stretch. A title like "Best Crawfish Peeler Ever" is gonna require a larger sample size.

Me personally, I want to hear Olave pick the Ragin' Cajuns over FSU too when that time comes.

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