One San Antonio man is getting praised from coast to coast for accidentally finding the mute button for those loud and obnoxious gas pump commercials.

Reddi user u/Collinnn7 accidentally found a way to turn off the volume on the commercials that scream at you the entire time you pump gas into your vehicle. He shared his discovery on a few days ago and people around the country are insanely thankful.

I went to a gas station that had these ads but I didn't know it because the previous time I had stopped there they didn't. This was when it's still dark and this is kind of an isolated pump on a corner at a little convenience store so not like a big gas station. The ad was so loud! Scared the crap out of me as a woman alone at a dark gas pump at 6:30 in the morning!-SkippyBluestockings

The man found the button mute button while trying to press the button that brings up the "Print Receipt?" screen.

I was trying to press the button to bring up the 'Print Receipt?' screen and I hit the mute button by mistake. The volume on the as shut off and I didn't know if it was because I had pressed the button or because I was finished pumping.-u/Collinnn7 to MySA

During his next visit to the same gas station, he tried out his find, but this time while the commercial was blaring...and it worked!

As more and more drivers try this man's muting suggestion, the universal button to mute the volume on most gas pumps is located on the right of the screen, second button from the top.

So far, I have tried it at about fifty different stations across US which have those 8 touch buttons next to screens, and it always works.-kaihatsusha

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