Four strippers in San Antonio, Texas were arrested after police officers noticed they were revealing their butt cracks.

According to My San Antonio, officers from the San Antonio Police Department were inside Sugar's strip club investigating allegations of prostitution when they saw two strippers revealing "the crevice of their buttocks" to patrons. The officers also noticed two other strippers showing their butt cracks.

In San Antonio, it is illegal to reveal butt crack -- and other body parts -- per a city ordinance banning nudity in strip clubs.

According to San Antonio city city code, nudity is defined as:

...a state of dress which fails to completely and opaquely cover human genitals, the pubic region, pubic hair, the crevice of the buttocks or anus or any portion of the female breast that is situated below a point immediately above the top of the areola.


Two managers of Sugar's, Enrique Avelar and Albert Cortez, were also arrested for failing to make sure their employees were following the ordinance.

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