If you were an 80's baby, or a child of the 90's, at some point you were introduced to 'Saved By The Bell.' Whether you tuned in to new episodes, TBS reruns, or "the new class" it was hard to avoid Zack Morris and his teen idol cast mates. The show had a really successful run and was a hit with the teenage demographic, producing tons of spin-offs.

Like most of the teeny-bopper sitcoms from that era, there was a built in studio audience reaction to fit just about any mood. Grumbles and groans that emphasized the perils of teenage life situations, to shrieks and 'Woo'ing applause' that would sound off every time someone shared a juicy kiss, or anytime Zack or Slater would walk into a room.

Imagine if that "Woo'ing applause" kicked in at the most inappropriate times. Some would call it "out of place." In my world, we call it "comedy." Enjoy :)

Saved By The Bell - Inappropriate Woo'ing

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