When the legend himself Mr. Rob Perillo, Chief Meteorologist with our media partners at KATC-TV3 lets you know that he has good news, he means REALLY good news. That good news he is referring to is of school bus sized proportions and it just so happens to be hurdling past earth tomorrow morning.

The news was posted to Twitter by Chief Meteorologist of WCNC-NBC Charlotte and you can see the information here @wxbrad

So let me get this straight. A school bus sized asteroid will zoom SAFELY, key word safely, past the earth tomorrow morning.

How safe is safe? Well 13,000 miles is the number experts are saying. That is roughly the length of the Great Wall of China according to Daily Mail UK.

That is still a little too close for my comfort, although I am a bit of a hypochondriac when it comes to end-of-the-world conspiracies.

Either way, the man himself Rob Perillo wanted us all to recognize how good of news this actually was in his Tweet below @robperillo

Mr. Perillo has had a very busy month or so and has been the bearer of bad news throughout the majority of it. A tough burden to shoulder, but he does it as well as I have ever seen. He deserves to give out some good news from time to time.

I have always been a huge Rob Perillo guy. Seriously. You can check out the time I saw him in Best Buy here.

I am just happy for Mr. Perillo that he was able to deliver a piece of really good news to all of the people of Acadiana.

Sleep tight knowing that we are safe from meteors so long as Rob Perillo is around.


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