A Middle School teacher in Utah, Mindi Jensen, nearly lost her job after she posted photos of herself on-line.

The teacher, who is a mother of four, posted fitness photos of herself on Instagram, and when parents stumbled upon the pics they contacted the school. Some parents called the photos of the teacher "pornographic" and "inappropriate."

The school threatened to fire the Jensen if she did not remove the photos or set them to private. After meeting with the school district in Utah, Jensen's employer decided to not move forward with the threat.

Jensen says that she decided to live a healthier lifestyle following her divorce, and it was working out that got her through the depression. The photos she posted are an indication of her commitment and progress.

What do you think of this? Did the school overstep it's boundaries with their threats or did the teacher have the right to post the pics on her Instagram account? Tell us in the comment section below.