To date Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese have collaborated on five movies with a sixth currently in production. The ones you’ve seen already are Gangs of New YorkThe AviatorThe DepartedShutter Island, and The Wolf of Wall Street. The sixth, Killers of the Flower Moon, was recently film and is now being edited.

Killers of the Flower Moon doesn’t even have a final official release date yet (word earlier this week was that it won’t premiere until some time next year) but DiCaprio and Scorsese have already lined up their seventh feature together. According to The Hollywood Reporter, DiCaprio will star in and Scorsese will direct The Wager, based on an upcoming book by David Grann. Grann also wrote the original book of Killers of the Flower Moon; both projects are being made for Apple.

Here is how this other book is described:

Set in the 1740s, Wager’s story is set in motion when a patched-together boat with 30 emaciated men landed on the coast of Brazil. The men were the surviving crew of British ship that was chasing a Spanish vessel and had crashed onto an island in South America’s Patagonia region. Their tales of surviving the seas and elements made them heroes. However, six months later another vessel, even more beat up than the first one, ended up on the coat of Chile, this one with three men. These new sailors charged that the other men were actually mutineers.

It’s interesting to see DiCaprio and Scorsese rolling right from one adaptation of this author’s work right into another. We haven’t seen Killers of the Flower Moon yet obviously, but mostly it’s just exciting that Scorsese and DiCaprio keep making movies together.

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