Scott Storch is working hard to get his career back and he's putting it all on camera. While on TMZ's online series Raq Rants, the famed producer shared that he's working on a biopic series about his rise, fall, and redemption in the industry. Right around the seven-minute mark of the conversation above, Scott revealed he's working with Scott Bernstein, the producer of Straight Outta Compton, to make the series happen.

"Ryan Phillipe is portraying me as my character for a ten-part limited docuseries," said the 42-year-old. "The script is already done and a lot of feelings are going to get hurt from this thing because I'm not really holding anything back."

The beatsmith also touched upon how hard he's worked to restore his relationship with Dr. Dre in the aftermath (no pun intended) of their fallout due to Storch's addictions. The super producers reunited for the first time in the studio after years apart this past June.

"I tainted and tarnished the relationship to the point where... he kinda washed his hands of me," said Storch. "Finally, a year ago, I got my stuff together and I've been making leaps and bounds and remaking my empire."

Though he's crafted the hits for pop and rap icons—everyone from Beyonce to Lil Wayne have gotten beats from him—Storch has had a well-documented battle with alcohol and cocaine over the years. The once sought-after We The Best producer filed for bankruptcy in 2015 due to reckless spending, including dropping $30 million on drugs in six months.

Coming back strong in 2016, Storch has produced The Game's latest banger "All Eyez" featuring Jeremih. Check out his full interview above.

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