Here is a little riddle, what happens when you scream out of a window in Sweden?

Answer: Sweden screams back at you!! No really it does, and it's kind of creepy/cool!

It's actually a tradition in Sweden to yell like hell out of your window. It even has a name... "The Flogsta Scream!"

In the video you'll see Reddit user BuffPiggy say, it's 10pm, watch what happens when you scream out of the window. He gets up, opens the window and yells out loud into the darkness of night. Then the craziest thing happens, people yell back! AHHHHHHHHH!

Legend has it that the screaming started in the 1970s by a student that attended the University in Sweden. They say he would let out stress from exams at 10pm and would yell out of the window! And the screaming never stopped, that's not a joke, it never stopped!

Some say the screaming started in honor of a student that committed suicide and would never let off stress. Who knows, but it's a pretty cool way to let out some stress.

For all the details about the "Flogsta Scream" CLICK HERE! It will take you directly to their website.



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