It appears as if the itchy, stinging, and sometimes dangerous effects of sea lice have made their way to Louisiana's beaches. A family enjoying a trip to Holly Beach in Cameron Parish have reported symptoms consistent with sea lice stings.

In a story reported by KPLC TV Kira Anson said both she and her husband were affected by the tiny creatures just minutes after they entered the water.

It was all in my top and all in my bottom, so it was all over me. My husband only had a couple around the edges of his swimsuit, and that was it. My kids didn't have anything but it was all over me.

Sea lice are not really lice at all. They are actually baby jellyfish and they are very difficult to spot in the water. Right now the creatures are quite plentiful because it is breeding season.

Most people don't even know they are swimming with sea lice until they notice an itching or burning sensation on their skin. In most cases, an encounter with sea lice is usually defined by some whelps and rash-like irritation on the skin. Although some people do report symptoms such as a fever, chills, nausea, and vomiting.

Beachgoers heading to any of the beaches along the Gulf Coast from Texas to Florida are encouraged to observe official warning flags before entering the water. In the case of sea lice, jellyfish, or other dangerous marine animals a purple flag will be displayed along the beach until the threat has passed.



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