By now, there's probably a 88% chance that you've said, "worry about your meat" to someone that you know...or don't know.

We first heard about Sean Payton's run-in with a butcher at Whole Foods asking why he went for the two-point conversion so early in the game vs. the 49ers on Monday. Today (12/12) he went into more detail about what and how it all happened.

And oh, yeah. Sean Payton shops for his groceries just like the rest of us.

I was actually shopping for my dinner at Whole Foods," Payton said. "People are like, ‘Oh, he actually shops for his dinner?’ Yeah, I shop for my dinner. And I go down the aisle with an aisle cart like everyone else.

I was kind of in that sliding down the aisle, got the produce right here to the left, you see the meats, I made a right and I’m heading for the coffee," I thought they were all kind of in jest, and I heard one of them say something about, ‘Why’d you go for two?’ I kept walking toward the dairy and I’m like, ‘Ah, I’m not letting this go, I’m turning around.’

Payton said the comment got under his skin, but that comment, like those he hears in public aren't negative. The Whole Foods worker legitimately wanted to know, so he obliged, and gave him some jest back.

I would never that early, but when we get a penalty, now we’re on the 1-yard line and we’re 50 percent closer than the 2. He got it, then I gave him a hard time and said, ‘Some of these cuts don’t look good to me.’ That was what happened. It was in jest. We were having a little fun.

So, there you have it. The comments were in jest. There's no ill-will behind them. But I still want "Worry about your meat" printed on a t-shirt!

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