A Lafayette man by the name of Paul Martin has stumbled upon an old mixtape at The Loose Caboose and decided it's his mission to find the folks who made it. This isn't just any mixtape; it's called “Rich & Vanessa’s Drinking Songs,” and it’s truly a blast from the past, featuring songs straight out of the mid-90s.

Paul says he found this gem hidden among some old cassettes and figured out it was something special. Not only is it loaded with songs but there are custom doodles, and inside jokes that "scream '90s vibes." Martin did some detective work and pinned down when this mixtape was likely made—sometime after September 1996, thanks to the songs on it and the type of cassette it was recorded on.

Paul thinks Rich and Vanessa might have been part of the Loose Caboose crowd back in '96 or '97, either working there or just hanging out. Why is he going through all this trouble? Well, because finding something that was a part of your past, especially when you didn’t even know it was missing, is pretty awesome.

He shared his quest on Facebook, hoping to track down Rich and Vanessa with a little help from social media (Hey, we found Mike from Lafayette, remember?). But so far, no luck. That’s where we all come in. If you know them, heard of them, or maybe even served them a beer back in the day, let's help get their mixtape back to them!

This is more than just finding the owners of some random lost tape; it's about connecting a couple of Lafayette dots and maybe bringing back some good old Loose Caboose memories for Rich and Vanessa. So, let’s spread the word, share the post, and see if we can find them. It’s the smallest effort that could mean a lot to them and add a cool story to our social media timelines.

In the meantime, Paul has made a Spotify playlist of the songs featured on the mixtape, in case you wanted to live in the spirit of Rich & Vanessa; just having a few drinks out in Lafayette on a random night out in the '90s.

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