Warning: Some NSFW audio.

When we last saw the kids known as The Losers, we were taught about the dangers of floating red balloons ("We all float down here..."). In this, the second teaser for the upcoming adaptation of IT, we get another heart-pounding lesson -- plus our first clear glimpse of the child-murdering clown, Pennywise, emerging from behind one of those floating red balloons.

We also get a more in-depth feel for the gang of seven 11- and 12-year-olds who must face down Pennywise and kill him before he can kill any more kids. From the looks of it, the movie's done a great job casting -- they don't look and act like typical "movie kids," but rather actual young people forced to confront utterly terrifying evil. Getting a big chunk of screen time here is Finn Wolfhard, who played Mike on Stranger Things, a show that proved just how important it is to cast kids who can actually act, and was rewarded with the MTV award for Best Show (plus a second season).

The trailer focuses largely on what looks like one of The Losers' first trips into the underground sewer tunnels of Derry, Maine, where the monster lives. After some jokes about all the p*** and s*** they're standing in, one of those red balloons comes floating toward them and ... well, suffice to say this movie looks like it's gonna be real scary.

While that may please fans of horror in general and Stephen King in particular, we're sad to say that we don't think this is going to improve relations with real-life clowns, who were pretty mad about that last record-breaking trailer, which you can check out below:

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