On the season premiere of X-Factor last night, a contestant by the name of Jillian Jensen not only brought the house down, but she also brought tears to the eyes of the judges. Jillian was a victim of bullying throughout her middle school and high school years, which hit home with judge Demi Levato, and her story of perseverance was just too much for some.

Jillian, like Demi Levato, was a victim of bullying and she, Jillian Jensen, was inspired by Demi Levato to overcome her past. Jillian's admiration for Levato is so strong, she even shares the same tattoo as the pop star. Both Demi and Jillian have a tattoo that states "Stay Strong."

Watch Jillian's passionate performance from X-Factor, and more so, watch how touched those in the audience were by her story and audition. The often outspoken Simon Cowell was even taken back by Jillian's performance. At one point it seems like EVEN Simon was brought to tears by this remarkable young lady's story and performance.