This guy is clearly crazy according to TMZ. Everyone has stalkers, but it seems that Selena Gomez has by far the worst!  The alleged stalker(Thomas Brodnicki) basically admitted that he had a problem, "I'm very anti-material ... I don't like even touching anything that isn't Selena Gomez."

I've seen creepy before, but I believe this guy takes the cake.  Seems like our new celebrity 'Stalker Thomas' was arrested in L.A. while taking a stroll in his local neighborhood.  Right before he was arrested, Thomas stated that he never talked to God about killing Gomez(Even though we don't buy it).  Thomas, however said he did firmly believe that he and Gomez are MEANT to be together.

Selena Gomez and I are the holy chosen ones of God.

Thomas Brodnicki says, Selena has nothing to worry about since there is a restraining order on him. Plus she is currently in Canada which is a whole other country away.  The worst part about this situation is that the new 'stalker celebrity' goes into detail if he and Selena were to ever meet.

I'm not overly concerned if I meet [Selena] in the flesh because it may be like scripture says ... 'No man has seen the face of God' ... Maybe us being together is too much like seeing the face of God.

You don't have to worry about this creeper too much though.  Thomas Brodnicki is currently being questioned by the LAPD and a shrink and is probably going to put him on lock down.