LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - With the 2023 election cycle now fully underway, most eyes are focusing on the growing number of gubernatorial candidates. But, the Louisiana legislature is also on the ballot, and there are several local seats up for grabs.

There is also speculation that several local politicians will be leaving their spots on local boards and councils to run for these seats.

House District 43

Stuart Bishop & Family
Photo courtesy of Stuart

Rep. Stuart Bishop is leaving his seat, and according to a report from Jeremy Alford at LaPolitics Weekly, this usually low-key district only has one potential candidate eyeing the job right now.

Lafayette Parish Councilman Josh Carlson is rumored to be looking to run, with Alford mentioning that an announcement could be coming soon.

House District 44

Rep. Vincent Pierre (Louisiana Legislature)
Rep. Vincent Pierre (Louisiana Legislature)

With Rep. Vincent Pierre leaving the office after this term, there are a few names out there looking to replace him.

Ravis Martinez, President of the Lafayette branch of the NAACP and local political figure, formally announced on his Facebook Page last week that he is running for the seat.

However, two other elected officials in Lafayette are also looking at jumping into the race. Lafayette Parish School Board member Dr. Tehmi Chassion has been exploring a run for the seat, and Lafayette City Councilman Pat Lewis is also talking to supporters ahead of a potential run.

Right now in this district, it's a matter of lining up donors. We can expect to see some fundraisers coming soon as candidates prepare their runs.

House District 45

KPEL Photo
KPEL Photo

Rep. Jean-Paul Coussan will also be leaving his seat, and one candidate, Brach Myers, has quickly taken to running for the legislature this year.

Alford took note of the move last week.

For this other Lafayette seat, Brach Myers, the senior vice president of corporate development for LHC Group, will soon top $150,000 raised. He has a women's fundraiser today at the home of Dr. Dee Garrett in Lafayette and a breakfast fundraiser the Thursday morning of Washington Mardi Gras at Bistro Bis on the Hill.

What to Expect in 2023?

With four Republicans (so far) announcing in the governor's race in 2023, there's a good chance legislative races will be looked over. Several experts expect 2023 to be one of the most expensive gubernatorial races in history.

But in 2019, voters handed Republicans a near-veto-proof majority in the House and Senate, and the state GOP could be completing its dominant takeover of the legislature if they can pick up the necessary seats.

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