He's back!

Shaquille O'Neal is back "home" and he has been spotted in numerous locations across south Louisiana.

It all started Saturday night in "Tiger Stadium" as Shaq returned to watch the LSU Tigers defeat Texas A&M in Coach Orgeron's final game as head coach of the Tigers.


Then, Shaq showed up in a bar in Baton Rouge. While on stage, the big fella took the microphone and had the crowd in his hands.

The LSU icon had a few choice words for the Aggies and those who were in the bar seemed to agree with Shaq.

I have seen a number of other photos of Shaq in and around Acadiana, so if you happen to come across Shaq, be sure to share your photos with us.

Anytime Shaq is in the area he can be found in local restaurants, department stores, and even here at the radio station.

Welcome home, Shaq!


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