Late last week, on Inauguration Day (Jan. 20), Shia LaBeouf launched a new project meant to galvanize Trump dissenters, a four year long live stream in which passersby are encouraged to repeat the mantra "He will not divide us." The stream is broadcast from outside the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, New York and accessible to anyone who wishes to walk up.

It didn't take very long into the stream's existence for trouble to arise, a Trump supporter trying his luck with Shia and his voluntary participants. In the clip above, a man approaches the camera as people are gathered around it, saying "We must secure the existence of white people..." He ultimately doesn't finish delivering whatever message he had prepared, as Shia gets very much in his face, screaming the unifying chant. The man seems surprised by Shia's posturing, the two going chest-to-chest before a security guard steps in.

LaBeouf launched the feed with the help of Jaden Smith, who spent last Friday leading many of those gathered in what will perceivably be a years long chant. The feed continues on at, with crowds gathering and dispersing throughout the day. Part digital platform, part social experiment, the feed is sure to have a few other moments of friction caught on camera before its run lets out.

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