We now have shocking video from inside the Southwest Airline B737 that made a crash landing earlier this week at New York's LaGuardia Airport. Luckily no one was killed in the crash landing, but several passengers aboard the plane were treated for minor injuries.

The plane's front landing gear failed to lower as it made landing, and now we have a front row seat from inside the plane that had a rough landing earlier this week. Listen to the sound of this crash landing as the plane makes contact with the runway below. I'd have freaked out had I been on that plane and heard this sound while attempting to land.

I don't know whats more scary, the sound of the plane scrapping the runway as it land or the fact that smoke could be seen coming from under the plane as passengers were still aboard the plane. In any case, thanks to a few skilled pilot's navigating this plane, everyone aboard the plane was able to walk away from a very scary situation.