When shoppers at a Waco Walmart witnessed an elderly woman get her purse snatched, they decided to take matters into...

Posted by ABC 13 Houston on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A couple of shoppers at a Walmart location in Waco, Texas witnessed a man allegedly steal a woman's purse and that's when they sprung into action.

The good Samaritans chased the man down outside of the store, but when the man put up a fight, a woman took her pistol out and shot it in the air.

The would-be robber hit the ground and that's when the men giving chase were able to contain him until police got there.

We often hear the arguments about gun control, but in this case it seemed to be used correctly. This woman's weapon was instrumental in stopping this man and by all indications no one was injured in this incident.

We ask, did this woman go too far when she pulled her weapon out while the man attempted to get away? Comment in the section below.

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