Two high schools in Bossier Parish require students to lock up their cell phones at the beginning of the day and they don't get them back until its time to go home. KTBS is reporting a similar policy has been implemented at Benton and Parkway High Schools.
KEEL News has also been told students at Doyline also have to turn in their phones at the beginning of the day.

At Benton, students are required to lock up their phones in a pouch called a "Yondr"

Teachers and administrators say this will help keep the teenagers from being distracted by their cell phones during teaching hours.

According to the Bossier Parish Schools Public Relations Liaison Sonja Bailes Benton High School Principal Teri Howe, along with her administrators and a parent advisory group, decided to launch the program after recognizing that cell phones were pulling students away from learning and their classwork. Bailes says there is a cost for “Yondr” and Benton High School is paying the fee, it is not coming from district funds.

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