I thought the first rule in Fight Club was not to talk about Fight Club?

Apparently these women didn't get the memo because not only did they talk about Fight Club, they posted it on YouTube. This seems to be a new dangerous trend among YouTube users.

According to KSLA in Shreveport, five women including one minor have been arrested by police officers, and the search is on for another individual. The police officers said they broke up the female fight club that had been brawling in public.

Police rounded up the accused fighters on Thursday. They are: Shacrystal Borrough, 17, Shanice Thomas, 25, Shawn Ford, 39, Taquila Ford, 17, along with an unnamed 16-year-old juvenile. Police are still searching for another person involved, 24-year-old Gekera Bloomer.

All have been charged with disturbing the peace. Shawn Ford faces an additional count of inciting a riot.

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