During Nelson Mandela's memorial Tuesday, there was a sign language interpreter on stage, and some say he was a complete fraud. Those who understand sign language say that his signs were not coherent, and that they did not have any meaning. 

Now I don't know sign language, but those who do say that he was just moving in his hands and that he was NOT delivering a message at all. Many who are deaf went to Twitter, during the televised memorial, to break this bit of news that the interpreter was not signing at all.

Nobody knows how this "interpreter" got the gig, nor has his named been released. But since then, the man behind the "signs" says he suffers from schizophrenia and that he was having a schizophrenic attack while on stage!!!

Do us a favor, if you know sign language checkout this video and see if you can interpret what this guy is saying. Is he signing anything at all or is he really just moving his hands?

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