In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Simon Cowell gave us some insight on who we could see at the judge's table when his show X-Factor makes its American television debut. While Simon is often hard to read, perhaps we can take this insight for what it is. We have heard rumors of Elton John, Paula Abdul, Katy Perry, and others being on the show, but what's the truth?


George Michael
“I don’t know yet.”

Nicole Scherzinger
“Nicole worked for me on X-Factor UK. She was brilliant.”

Mariah Carey
“Yes, I’ve spoken to her.”

Paula Abdul
“I’ve spoken to Paula. I’d say we’ve taken [the potential judges] down to a smaller group of people. And she’s in that panel.”

Christina Aguilera
“No[, I haven't talked to her].”

Katy Perry
“I have [spoken to her], but she’s on tour.”

Elton John
“Never. He’s so grumpy nowadays. He’d just be moaning the whole time. He’s being a mum. If we’ve got somebody with kids, he’s more than welcome to run the nursery.”

Tommy Mottola
“I was with Tommy last night. But, look, we make more than one show, so I meet people all the time.”

Who would you like to see at the table when the show debuts? And, does X-Factor knock American Idol off television?

Some Info obtained via Popdust