Sir-Mix-A-Lot says his lifestyle hasn't changed much since the 90s and after hearing how much he has made off of 'Baby Got Back', we can totally understand why.

The legendary Seattle rapper sat down with VLAD TV to discuss his recent move back into the spotlight due to his 'Baby Got Back' classic being sample for Nicki Minaj's latest single, 'Anaconda.'

Mix, who recently began touring again over the past year, says that there is somewhat of a misconception that Nicki Minaj "saved" him from going broke but that couldn't be any farther from the truth.

Unlike many artists, Sir Mix-A-Lot owns his own publishing, so anytime his music is used commercially or sampled—take for instance, 'Anaconda'-he collects all the royalties.

He goes on to describe how the song originally came about, revealing that even though it was seemingly fun song, the reasons behind recording it was something he felt strongly about. We also find out who the woman behind the iconic "Oh my God, Becky" sample and how Mix went about choosing the girls for the iconic video for his smash hit single.

I wonder if he's seen the video for 'Anaconda' yet?

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