A lawyer from Seattle's hotline is definitely blinging after he realized Verizon gave him rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot's old cellphone number.

Jonathan Nichols was confused as to why he was constantly being hit up by luxury car dealers, rappers, and random women making very lucrative offers, until he received the voicemail that connected all the dots.

This used to be Sir Mix-A-Lot's number.

The woman on the recording also advised Nichols that if someone called talking about "they are Snoop Dogg, they really are."

Nichols got the new local number while he was in law school to make the job search easier, but had no clue he was now connected to a cellphone number that once belonged to the man responsible for 'Baby Got Back.'

ABC News caught up with Sir Mix-A-Lot who said Nichols is probably getting a lot of "insane calls" as well as texts, photos and more. He also offered Nichols a helping hand.

Just to help him offload some of this pressure, he can always forward the ladies’ pics to me and I’ll take that off his hands so he won’t have to deal with that. That should alleviate about 80 percent of the problem.

Nichols isn't exactly bothered by the number—in fact, he's quite happy.

I don’t ever want to change this number. It’s my fun, quirky, interesting fact for ice breakers. I can say, ‘Actually, I have Sir Mix-A-Lot’s old phone number,’ and it’s kind of like a mic drop moment.

Definitely not a bad way to start a conversation—especially if baby got back, lol.

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