When Sister Cindy arrives on a university campus, she never fails to attract a crowd.

Earlier this year (and as recently as last year in 2022), the infamous evangelical preacher visited LSU's Free Speech Alley, captivating the audience with her controversial methods.

During her sermons, Sister Cindy recounted her own personal journey of transformation. She shared the story of her younger self, Cindy Lasseter, a 20-year-old college student at the University of Florida in 1977. At that time, she led a life consumed by sin, engaging in premarital sex and disregarding God. Her pursuit of self-gratification and destructive behavior left her feeling empty and purposeless.

Describing her younger self as a "vampire ho," Sister Cindy revealed her relentless pursuit of men and her aspiration to become a renowned journalist like Barbara Walters. However, her encounter with a young preacher named Jed would change the course of her life.

With the intention of seducing Jed, Sister Cindy proposed a dinner date. To her surprise, Jed agreed to the dinner but focused solely on talking about Jesus. Disappointed with his lack of interest in her desires, she planned to manipulate him into kissing her. However, Jed abruptly ended the date before she could execute her plan.

Despite the setback, Sister Cindy found herself drawn closer to Jed and God through subsequent dates. Eventually, in a pivotal moment at a Krystal Hamburger parking lot, she repented for her sins and dedicated her life to Jesus. This transformative experience marked the end of her promiscuous lifestyle, earning her the nickname "Ho No Mo."

Sister Cindy and Jed went on to marry, sharing a life dedicated to spreading their message through Campus Ministry USA. Their organization traveled to universities across the nation, advocating for young women to forsake premarital sex, immodest clothing, and other perceived sinful behaviors. While their approach has garnered mixed opinions among students, many acknowledge the power of Sister Cindy's personal testimony and message of redemption.

In her speeches, Sister Cindy expresses surprising views on various topics, such as her support for the LGBTQ+ community and her own contemplation of lesbianism. However, she remains staunchly against pornography, masturbation, immodest clothing, drinking, drugs, premarital sex, and even premarital kissing. Her unconventional advice includes discouraging men from taking their dates to Mexican restaurants due to the alleged correlation between margaritas and sexual encounters.

That's what caused this viral video and many others like it to explode on social media.

Sister Cindy's presence on campuses has elicited diverse reactions from students. Some find her entertaining, while others appreciate the occasional nuggets of wisdom she imparts. However, she has faced opposition and harassment during her visits, with incidents at the University of California San Diego drawing particular attention.

Amid cheers and contemplative silence, Sister Cindy continues to fervently preach her message wherever she goes, leaving people curious about her motives and captivated by her distinctive approach.

Love her or loathe her, Sister Cindy's presence is an undeniable force on campuses across the country.

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