News broke this morning of Justin Bieber drug use going beyond smoking weed: The singer is rumored to be sipping on sizzurp, which is super dangerous. But were there warnings before the rumors spread?

If you ask TMZ, the answer is yes -- and the writing is literally on the wall.

In several pieces of Bieber's graffiti art, including the spray painted pics and tags on his skateboard ramp, the 'Believe' singer makes references to the codeine cocktail, commonly referred to as "lean."

In addition to cartoonish faces, Pac Man imagery and random other pieces of art, one etching sticks out. Bieber or a pal spray painted the phrase "double cup" on his skateboard ramp in his backyard. "Double cup" is slang for lean with double the dose of codeine. It can also reference the common use of two cups to sip the potentially seizure-inducing syrup cocktail, because the condensation often requires another cup over the original.

In addition to sizzurp, Bieber is reportedly also abusing alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs, including Xanax. If the allegations are true, here's hoping he gets the help he needs.

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