Anthony Bourdain is in Houston to shoot the latest episode of his CNN show Parts Unknown, and who better to show him around town than Slim Thug?

The two have been hanging out all weekend, eating barbecue, studying slabs and drinking sleepy beverages. On Friday they stopped for ribs, brisket and loaded baked potatoes at Burns Original BBQ, where the crowd started to swell when they learned Bourdain and Thug were filming there. The NYC-born chef also visited a party for someone's Quinceañeara event and took the opportunity to tell Trump "America's ALREADY pretty great."

Cory Crawford, a co-owner of Burns, told the Houston Chronicle that though Bourdain dined nicely at the BBQ joint, he was preoccupied with talk to Thug, David Stunts and Roderick Dearborne about Honston's iconic slab (slow low and bangin') culture of cars. As you can see in the video above, clearly Bourdain was a little infatuated with the scene. "He wanted to get deeper enriched with the culture," said Crawford.

Judging by Bourdain and Thug's personalities, this should be a dope episode. If you aren't familiar, Parts Unknown is where the self-loathing chef visits different cities across the world and seeks to engage with their local cultures and traditions through dining and drinking. It's essentially a way to get to know a place through their food and beverage, and it's a genius premise for a TV show.

The show isn't foreign to rappers, either, as Lupe Fiasco was recently featured on a Chicago episode. The show's got a very modern leaning to it, so it's nice to see Bourdain embrace local rap heroes and vice versa.

Stay tuned to find out when the Houston episode of Parts Unknown is set to air.

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