With the Toronto Raptors making team history by advancing to the 2019 NBA Finals, you can expect Drake, who's the Raptors Global Ambassador, to be front and center for the upcoming series against the Golden State Warriors. Rock band Smash Mouth, who hail from San Jose, Calif. and are clearly Warriors fans, have a warning for Drizzy this go round.

On Sunday (May 26), the group, who are known for their hit song "All Star," put out a tweet cautioning the OVO boss about his sideline antics. "Yo @drake When the ball is in-play sit the FCK down!" the group posted on Twitter. "That aint gonna fly in Oakland! #GlorifiedMascot @warriors @Raptors @NBA @E40."

If history is any indication, Drake will be back to his old tricks during Raptors home games. During the series versus the Bucks, Aubrey made the headlines multiple times. His over-the-top sideline antics drew the ire of Bucks player Giannis Antetokounmpo's ex-agent, Georgios Dimitropoulos, who called the rapper's trolling disrespectful. During the final game of the series against the Bucks, Drake channeled Tupac Shakur and wore the same outfit the rapper/actor donned during scenes in the movie Above the Rim.

Considering this is Toronto's first time in the Finals, Drake is probably going to be extra, extra. Considering they are facing the powerhouse Warriors, there's a good chance Drake is probably going to end up disappointed. But hey, who knows what's in God's plan.

Check out Smash Mouth's tweet below.

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