Snapchat has come a long way since they were known solely as a "safe-sexting" app, and these dudes prove it with their supercuts of amazing Snapchat covers.

I can barely write four letter words without running out of space on the screen, let alone create these mini-masterpieces set to popular music. From Pharrell and Lil Jon to Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga these two guys might be the best at Snapchat.

First up, we have Anthony Zonfrelli—an unemployed Harvard graduate who may actually be using the social sharing app as a means to scoring work.

Somebody in comedy, please hire me as a writer or performer before my parents kick me out of the house and I'm forced to become an investment banker or something.

For even more laughs and covers check out Part 2 here (Anthony thinks its better anyway)

Another Snapchat cover artist by the name of Ashish Patel decided to make the most out of being laid up after having arthroscopic knee surgery. Much like Zonfrelli, Patel transformed himself into numerous pop stars spanning over decades to deliver the power of song to his friends who follow him on Snapchat.

Also like Zonfrelli, Patel has a 2.0 version of his Snapchat covers as well.

Who do you think did their Snapchat covers better? No matter who you think deserves the title of Snapchat Cover King, enjoy these while you can, because chances are Anthony will soon find a job and Ashish will be healed up and back to his normal routine.

Then Snapchat will just go back to cats, poop, food and nudity.

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