In a recent article on social media users bashed the app's "beautify" and flower crown filters for body shaming, and I kind of get it.

I understand the frustration that the filters seem to be implying that "beauty" means lighter skin, a thinner face, and bigger eyes. No one should feel like there is a standard to what makes a person beautiful. And, I know, as a society we put so much importance on beauty, when in reality it's a completely subjective thing.

Ok, before I go on a ten paragraph rant about how everyone is beautiful and no one should give a hoot about what anyone else thinks, let me get back to the point -- Snapchat filters.

Do I think Snapchat is purposely body shaming it's users? Absolutely not. Do I use those filters? Heck yes, I do! They are my favorite filters to use, other than the one that kind of turns your face into a funny frown.

If we're going to be upset with Snapchat for these filters shouldn't we also be upset with Instagram and Facebook? I haven't had a picture see the light of social media without a filter on it in at least three years. Yeah, that sounds ridiculous, but that's the world we live in. Everything is filtered on social media -- other than our opinions, somehow those seem to be more unfiltered than ever.

And I know what you're thinking "Instagram and Facebook filters don't change the shape of your face like the 'beautify' filter" and, yeah, that's true, but put enough filters on anyone and they are going to look like a different person.

Maybe I have no soul and I'm not sympathetic enough, or maybe I just realize that these Snapchat filters are supposed to be fun. I mean, one of the filters makes you look like you puked a rainbow, clearly these aren't that serious.

I posted some side by sides of my little face at the top of this post so we could all see just how the filters are changing the way we look. From left to right you'll see no filter, flower crown filter, and "beautify" filter. Honestly, the only thing I'm really picking out in these pics is that I do a bizarre shoulder tilt when I take selfie's, and that needs to stop, like, ASAP. Ok, yeah, my skin is pretty much pore free and glowing in the filtered photo's, and the entire pic is way lighter in the flower crown filter, but other than that it's not like I'm a completely different person. I don't feel like Snapchat is telling me I should look a certain way. I don't feel embarrassed that I look a little better in the filtered photo's than in real life. I don't feel much of anything really. They are just pictures.

Ok fine, if I had to set up a Tinder profile I'd probably post a pic and use the "beautify" filter. But I bet if you look at any profile picture on any dating site or any form of social media it will have a flipping filter on it.

Can't we just go back to the good old days when you had to take picture's on a disposable camera and the only time people saw them was when you opened your locker? Just kidding, I'm glad those days are over. Social media is great, filters are fun, and we all just need to take a chill pill and worry about more important things. The end.

"Filters make your pictures look nice...but you need to get it together, can't put a filter on life." -- Unknown


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