Lets start off with this simple fact: Whatever is on the internet, stays on the internet. The internet is not Vegas, or Panama City, FL. With that said, Snapchat is not as secure as first thought. If your gonna send nude pics, there's about 99.9% chance it will show up on the internet.

So stop doing it - unless, of course you like that sort of thing. If thats the case you're ok, but for those of us that are not, here is what happens. When you send a nude Snapchat pic, the guy, or gal on the receiving end can screenshot your snapchat. Of course, the app notifies you if this happens, but if the recipient is a computer wiz, they can jailbreak their phone and get the pic that way. Yes, this is possible.

Huffington Post reports that these pages are the newest form of revenge porn. There's no way to stop your Snapchat message from being screenshot, and while Snapchat warns you when your photo has been screenshot, it can't tell you what happens to it from there. Hackers have also revealed that supposedly deleted Snapchats can be uncovered with enough digital digging.


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