Snapchat is the photo-sharing app that basically works like a handicapped version of MMS messaging, but for some reason people dig using the same technology in the standalone app form. But are you using Snapchat to it's fullest potential? Are you Snapchatting like a boss? Here are a few secrets to help you step your game up.

Did you know that you can actually access the colors black, white and gray when drawing with the crayon?
Did you know that you can get fancy with your pics by accessing filters to turn your photos black & white, negative, and sepia?
Also, in case you wanna get scandy and screenshot a photo without sending a notification to the sender, you can do that too!

Some of these features are exclusive to Android, and others to iOS. Also, there has been a recent update to the Snapchat app; but according to the video descriptions, the tricks still work!

Happy snapping!

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