Protesters smashed the front windows and looted several businesses in downtown Dallas and Deep Ellum on Friday, including Sneaker Politics.

Sneaker Politics is a sneaker and clothing boutique based out of Lafayette with multiple locations throughout Louisiana and Texas. Their newest store is located in Deep Ellum, a lively entertainment district in Dallas, Texas known for its "quirky" art galleries, murals, cocktail bars, and concert venues.

On Friday night, manager Kellen Daniel got a text while he was getting ready for a night of drinks with friends.

Bro. They just looted Politics.

Daniel, a Lafayette native, made a beeline for the shop. As manager of the Deep Ellum location, he feared the worst knowing that a small group of protesters had smashed out the windows of the store, opening up a free-for-all for anyone passing by.

When he arrived, he saw the broken glass surrounding the empty clothes racks. When he hit the lights the few looters that remained dropped what they had and ran off. Daniel told the Dallas Morning News that while their shop was senselessly vandalized during the protests, he still supports the demonstrations.

I’m angry and hurt. It’s just sad that a few people will diminish what the protest is about.

The store could be looking at an estimated $100,000 in combined theft and damages. Sneaker Politics owner Derek Curry—also a Lafayette native/resident—told me that the display items can easily be replaced, but overall expressed his concern for the bigger picture of what led to chaos saying that it's "sad that it has come to this."


In that text conversation, Curry was the first person to share the viral video of Killer Mike addressing the looting and vandalism in Atlanta with me. Being that the Politics brand has been a source of community for nearly 15 years, Killer Mike's tearful video perfectly conveyed Curry's message.

Daniel and the other employees joked that the looters will be disappointed when they realize they only got away with displays, which means a whole lot of left-foot shoes. As the Politics crew picked up the pieces, friends and customers brought them pizza, donuts, and even a plant for "new beginnings."

Regardless of being looted, Politics still stands with the protesters as they get back to business "as usual."

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