In what may possibly be the realest reality television she has ever been a part of, Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi came face to face with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie after a Today show appearance. For those that may be wondering why this encounter is worth talking about, the two pretty much hate each other and have famously gone back and forth on Twitter due to Christie's opinion that Snook's 'Jersey Shore' show is dumb.

While some may agree or disagree with Christie, he took things a step further by using his political power to single-handedly deny the show a half-million dollars. As you can imagine, the exchange wasn't necessarily the friendliest exchange. Snook's even posted this photo on her Instagram with the caption,

"Getting told why we're bad for Jersey. Amazing."


During the entire awkward exchange, Snooki is flanked by her clique, Deena and JWoww, naturally. In case you had a hard time hearing the Seaside Heights exchange between these two freinemies in the video above captured by the Asbury Press, here's an unofficial transcript.

Snooki: Why are you standing so close to me?

Christie: Someone asked me my opinion…

Christie leans in extra-close, trying to be goofy.

Snooki can’t suppress a smile.

DeenaI’m from Jersey!

Christie: I know you are!

Deena: And guess what, I thought you did a good job with the Hurricane.

Christie: Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Snooki: I just wanted to meet you, and just, hope you start to like us.

Christie: I appreciate it. Well, we’ll talk about it. Good to meet you.

Snooki: Thanks.

Snooki walks away. After Christie meets JWoww, Snooki faces the camera for a quick one-on-one.

Snooki: He just doesn’t like us.

In other news, Snooki is definitely looking good these days. Based on her Instagram, those gym photos are really starting to pay off.

[via PhillyMag]