When it comes to Marijuana Snoop Dogg is a walking encyclopedia of weed wisdom, but on a recent episode of Celebrity Family Feud Snoop was bested on a weed-related question by "Sugar" Ray Leonard.

"Name something Grandma might do if she caught Grandpa smoking marijuana" was the question, and before Steve Harvey could finish saying "marijuana" Snoops hand was on the buzzer. Yeah, no one was surprised. But what was surprising was that he didn't actually win the round!

I know it's hard to believe, but Snoop Dee-Oh-Double-Gee lost to "Sugar" Ray Leonard. Snoops answer to the pot-centric question, "Put hands on him", was only the 4th most popular answer, while "Sugars" answer, "Scream at him", came in at #2.

Not gonna lie, I'm a little disappointed in Snoop, he's better than that answer. Maybe he was high and he wasn't thinking properly, or maybe he wasn't high and that was the problem.

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