If you thought that fighting an MMA fighter was a good idea. You need to watch this video first.

We have all said it at least once, "put me in the ring I'll fight them for $100!" You might want to take that statement back after watching this video. The announcer in the video calls the "Soccer Mom" by her real name, Katie Castro, pictured below.


You can tell just by looking at the pic above, Katie doesn't look happy or ready to fight a pro MMA fighter. The other fighter's name is Illima 'The Eliminator' Macfarlane, pictured below.


I'm not sure how this fight was even fair or legal, and in my opinion the sucker punch at the end was uncalled for. My question is who thought this was a good idea?  These people are called professionals for a reason, because they do this all day. There's no word on how the 'soccer mom' ended up, but I'm sure it wasn't good.