Soccer star Felipe Baloy recently took time to to pose with a young fan of his, but this photo has the entire internet world buzzing today. And no, the buzz has nothing to do with the young fan or the soccer stud, but more to do with something else in this photo. Santos Laguna defender Felipe Baloy stopped and took a minute to pose with a young fan of his, but once the photo was re-examined, it left many in utter shock. Apparently the athlete in the photo forgot about a recent purchase. If you look closely, Baloy apparently just left a magazine rack and made a purchase...YES, its a PLAYBOY MAGAZINE in the bag!!!


While no harm may have been done here, I am sure that the athlete is a tad bit embarrassed this morning. As for the young boy in the photo, while he may not totally understand what is going on here now, one day he will. Perhaps one day the young fan will look at this photo and think the photo is much "cooler" than he once thought.

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