I am a dog lover. I have two shih tzu dogs at home, and I adore them.

It makes my heart hurt to think that someone can't take care of their pet.

The Port Barre Police Department has a posting on their Facebook page about how they are trying to find homes for fur babies.

Officials there say they do everything they can to make sure that lost pets get reunited with their families, but sometimes police say that owners will not come back to get their pets for a variety of reasons.

At the Port Barre Police Department Facebook page you can look for the dogs that are available for adoption.

They really track the fur babies to make sure that they are taken care of.

Please check out their Facebook page for details.

They also want people to know that the "St. Landry Animal Control currently has a 'Fix My Pit' program, and you can call 337-948-6184 for information.



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