The stress of college football on athletes can be unbearable sometimes. The games, the practices, the can be pretty strenuous.

The South Carolina Gamecocks might have THE best stress-relieving activity, and the most understanding coach ever. Nothing beats the stress like a big kid game of hide-n-seek at an SEC football facility.

There's nothing more satisfying than seeing grown, testosterone-filled men get excited over a child's game. The excitement in their faces and running down the halls made me crack up.

The running, the sliding down the stairwell, the aggressively clicking of the elevator button, the pure joy on these grown men's faces...recipe for hilarity.

The tension always needs to be settled when you play with high stakes, like the NCAA. Whether you win or lose, it's a stressful time. It's really great to see these coaches give their players a break, and in such a fun way.

We all need a break sometimes. Blowing off steam is essential, no matter what your profession is. Take notes from the Gamecocks on this one, regardless of your loyalty to your team.

Another takeaway from this video? Defenders are always on the hunt :)

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