If you live in South Louisiana quite often summer afternoons come down to the lesser of two evils. Do you want the day to be so incredibly hot and humid that you can't stand to be outside or do you want to deal with occasional pop-up downpours that can dump copious amounts of rain on your head in a matter of moments?

Actually, if we are being honest, we seem to get both of those choices every day. And, according to the National Weather Service Office in Lake Charles, that pattern shows no major changes for the area over the next few days. In fact, we're going to be carrying a large threat of rain in the forecast all the way through the weekend.

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Early this morning radar reports to the south and west of Lake Charles showed a large area of showers and thunderstorms in the coastal waters. This area of showers is expected to gradually push onshore after sunrise this morning.

Later in the day more showers and storms are expected to fire up as the moisture-laden atmosphere interacts with an upper-level low-pressure system that is forecast to push across the state from Texas. This system will be the catalyst for heavy downpours during the day today and into the evening hours.


While the threat of rain will be quite significant from Lake Charles through Lafayette and on into Baton Rouge, the forecast does not call for flooding rains. Well, let me put a caveat on that. In general rainfall amounts will be about a half of an inch in most locations. However, these showers and thunderstorms could drop locally higher amounts. That could briefly lead to street flooding and some issues with water in low-lying areas.

There are some computer forecast models which show the rain chances trending downward for South Louisiana as we approach the weekend but there is still a pretty significant threat for showers even in those forecasts.

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The outlook for the following week does suggest a decrease in rainfall but you know what happens when the rain chances go down? That's right, the temperatures go up. So, as we said, it's the lesser of two evils.

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