While everyone is focused on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Disney is still also developing its first lands based on Marvel Comics. Disneyland and Disneyland Paris will both get a brand-new Spider-Man attraction in the years ahead, and today Disney Parks Blog revealed some new details about the attraction, and about the Spider-Man that’s going to be featured in it.

The mythology behind the still-unnamed ride involves a group created by Tony Stark called the “Worldwide Engineering Brigade” — or “WEB” for short. Supposedly WEB is charged with creating new technology, including new gadgets for Spider-Man to use. Or, as Disney Parks Blog puts it:

Though WEB is grounded in classic characters like Peter Parker, it is an organization that we can all be a part of – one that invites us to engage with these iconic heroes like never before ... Besides introducing WEB, we can’t wait to debut a brand-new, cutting-edge interface as part of this fun, interactive attraction. Through a blend of never-before-seen technology and practical effects, guests will get to experience for themselves what it is like to have the abilities of a Super Hero.

They don’t offer much more detail than that, but the repeated references to guests’ “active role” in the ride and the chance to “experience ... what it is like to have the abilities of a Super Hero” certainly suggests that you will get to use a web-shooter in some form or fashion. Exactly how that will work — whether it will be a shooting gallery ride where you blast targets, or some kind of more convincing illusion where it feels like you’re swinging around New York City — remains to be seen.

The announcement post also revealed the first really good look at the concept art for the Spider-Man featured in the ride (and presumably in meet and greets at Disney’s parks), which is designed by Marvel Studios’ Head of Visual Development Ryan Meinerding:


Nobody seemed to realize it at the time, but this suit was featured in the early concept art for Disneyland’s Marvel area (seen at the top of this post — note the distinctive spider emblem), but this piece shows us a lot more of the details. It looks like the Spider-Man: Homecoming suit with a bigger chest logo and the bigger web-shooters from the Iron Spider armor featured in Avengers: Infinity War.

Sadly, the blog post contains no specifics about when you can expect to ride this thing, though last we heard this thing was tentatively scheduled to open in 2020.

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