You might be owed a refund if you are a Sprint or Verizon customer.

According to Fox 5, Sprint has agreed to a $68 million settlement and Verizon has agreed to a $90 million settlement. The settlement comes form getting "crammed." You may be asking what is "crammed?"

According to the FCC:

Cramming is the illegal act of placing unauthorized charges on your wireline, wireless, or bundled services telephone bill. The FCC has estimated that cramming has harmed tens of millions of American households.

Cell phone cramming usually involves a monthly fee of $9.99 for premium text message subscription services like horoscopes trivia and sports scores.

In many cases the customer had no idea that they were being charged.

If you think you've been "crammed" you can submit your claims under the cramming refund program at for Sprint users or for Verizon customers.

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