If you've always dreamed of busting broncs while enjoying the ease and comfort of doing so while wearing Crocs, have I got some great news for you. Who says you can't have your cake and eat it to?

Yes, it's true...a company in Arkansas has just invented spurs you can connect to your Crocs, and they're called SPROCSArrow M Custom Cowboy Hardware produced a few sets of these as kind of a joke, but say since posting photos of the croc spurs to Facebook "the response has been unexpected".

Because of the overwhelming response to SPROCS, they're ramping up to start making the heck out of these.

By Permission Facebook/arrowmcustoms


As you see in the pictures, the SPROCS come in a variety of colors to match or compliment whatever kind of Crocs you have and, they simply attach to the heel strap.

From the Arrow M Custom Cowboy Hardware Facebook page -

We are getting everything together now for mass production of these. The response has been unexpected. We are a custom shop so you will have shank and rowel choices. 


Arrow M Custom Cowboy Hardware has begun taking orders, so just head over to their Facebook page HERE to get your SPROCS!


By Permission Facebook/arrowmcustoms
By Permission Facebook/arrowmcustoms

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