The wife of a Louisiana State Trooper, who is also famous for his social media persona "Stalekracker," is giving insight into why her husband was placed on leave in connection with a hit-and-run boating crash.

Text messages from State Trooper Justin Chiasson's wife, Amy, were obtained by Chris Nakamoto and the WBRZ Investigative Unit. Chiasson reportedly sent the messages to friends of the boating hit-and-run victim, Jodi Sheets.

Facebook, Amy Chiasson
Facebook, Amy Chiasson

According to the WBRZ report, Chiasson's texts denied that her husband "did anything wrong" and revealed the real reason he was placed on leave was due to his refusal to take a lie detector test.

Amy Chiasson sent those messages to friends of the victim, Jodi Sheets. In them, Chiasson vehemently denies that her husband did anything wrong since he was a passenger in the boat and said he refused to take a lie detector test "because he wasn't taking his lieutenant down with him."

In the text messages, Chiasson says that her husband "talked to his LT" about the hit-and-run boating crash "as a friend." She also referred to Trooper Chiasson as "the actual victim" claiming that he suffered broken ribs in from the crash that she described as a "nightmare."

Chiasson was a passenger on a boat operated by Bryan Nolan in July. Nolan was later arrested after he hit a boat, carrying several passengers, including Sheets. A passenger on Sheets' boat received a concussion. Following the crash, Nolan took off. Chiasson, the state trooper on his boat, never called for help.

Sheets remains adamant that she "supports law enforcement 100%" but still feels like Chiasson had the oath to protect and serve but "did not that night."

The boating crash happened in early July but Chiasson was only placed on leave last month, prompting many to ask what took Louisiana State Police so long to address the incident.

State Police Leader Col. Lamar Davis told WBRZ their decision was made "as their administrative investigation progressed."

WBRZ asked State Police about Chiasson's refusal to take the lie detector test and if his direct lieutenant was questioned but the agency said it was "limited in what it could say." State Police did tell WBRZ that the disciplinary committee did meet this week but nothing has been finalized.

We reached out to Amy Chiasson but did not immediately hear back. The WBRZ report revealed texts from Chiasson that showed her frustration that Justin "couldn't even tell his side yet."

Now, I don't care. LSP is a joke. The news is a joke. I don't care what they think or say anymore.

We will update this story if we hear back from Chiasson. In the meantime, see the full update here via WBRZ.

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