I totally see this one.

Meteorologist Kaitin Wright shared a photo of the state of  Florida from space and now the photo has gone viral.

In her social post, Wright points out something I have never noticed before about the shape of the "Sunshine State".

She notes that if you turn this photo over, 180-degrees, the state of Florida then resembles the "Christmas Grinch".

The Grinch Played By Jim Carrey Conspires With His Dog Max To Deprive The Who's Of Thei
Getty Images


So, I flipped the photo below over and I most certainly see the resemblance to the Christmas Grinch.

Take a second and look at the photo below, then turn your phone, not your computer screen, over and let us know if you see the Grinch.

You can comment on the social media page that directed you to this story. And if you know of someone who is a fan of the Christmas Grinch, you may want to link them to this story.




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