Who knew that such a bad song could create so much good in the entertainment world?

On Friday night's episode of 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,' funnyman Stephen Colbert made a special musical appearance, in which he fittingly performed Rebecca Black's viral Internet song 'Friday' alongside house band The Roots.

The performance began with a slow, almost poetic, rendition by Colbert before it launched into an epic production, with special appearances by Fallon, the Knicks City Dancers and 'American Idol' winner Taylor Hicks, who apparently still exists.

Colbert's appearance was prompted by Fallon, who had told viewers that if they could raise $26,000 for Donors Choose, an online charity that raises money for schools, Colbert would sing 'Friday' on his show. This was a response from a set-up by Colbert, who had told his 'Colbert Report' audience that Fallon had agreed to match a $26,000 donation made by Colbert without actually telling Fallon first.

Check out Colbert's take on 'Friday' below.

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