Jackass star, Steve-O, went viral this morning as we was found taped to a billboard in California this morning around 9:00am. The 46-year-old was not taped to just any random billboard, but a billboard advertising a new comedy special he is promoting. It was reported to authorities just before 10:00am. Authorities and firefighters arrived on the scene shortly after to remove him from his post.

Steve-O was in his underwear and glasses, taped to the giant billboard using black tape and standing on a small platform. Although the tape seemed to be doing a decent job, he posted on his Instagram that he was indeed safely secured to the billboard by more than just tape. The selfie he took showed two large straps disappearing behind the tape and going up and over the board.

The show being promoted is a stand-up comedy show meets old-school Jackass TV show from the MTV days. Steve-O gets on stage during the special and begins telling stories from the TV and movie series along with special guests from the hit series. During the show, the team comes out and performs their typical grotesque stunts for the audience and shows video clips from other stunts they have recently performed.

Steve-O Duct-Tapes Himself To Billboard In Promotion Of His New Special "Gnarly"
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You can see the new show, Gnarly, on Steve O's website for $9.99 and watch it over and over for 30 days. Perhaps if you have watched all of your streaming services, it would be something else random to watch to pass the time while locked in your house. Of course, there's always the option to watch plants grow. Or get a root canal.

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